About the Media Co-op

Near Media Co-op is a not-for-profit community media project in Coolock. The project consists of three different areas Near fm, Neartv Productions and Near Online.Near fm broadcasts 24 hours a day over 365 days per year. We operate an open access policy and run at least two community radio courses a year for new volunteers. The station encourages groups to use community media as a tool in their development work and aims to reflect the issues, events and stories important in the local area.Neartv productions is the community television production arm of the Co-op. People who volunteer with Neartv make programmes which are shown online in the programmes section of this website and on DCTV(NTL 802) www.dctv.ie. Neartv also offers training to community groups in television production.Near Online offers training in basic computers skills for members of the community, no experience is necessary.If you would like any further details on any aspect of what we do please contact Dorothee phone phone on 8671190 or by email at dorothee@near.ieCo-op Staff:Project Coordinator:  Ciaran MurrayRadio Station Coordinator: Sally Galiana

Television Coordinator: Elaine King

IT Coordinator: Gavin Byrne

Technical Coordinator: Gay Graham

Production and Training Coordinator: Paul Loughran

Outreach Coordinator: Dorothee Meyer Holtkamp

Administrator: Alan Braddish