Double Dealing

Broadcasting Fri August 30th at 6pm

Continuing Near FM’s season of audio drama written exclusively by women, we present Double Dealing by Rose Byrne.

‘Double Dealing’ Promo

Arthur Muldoon is an Irish hypnotist and con-artist, who use his powers to con people. He has a very professional approach to his work. After working in England for a number of years conning rich women, he returns to Dublin because the police are on his trail. His English apprentice, Jamie Watson, joins him from England. Jamie is still learning the ropes but thinks he has it all sussed.

Arthur devises a plan to con the local Bingo hall so he can win the jackpot. But, at Friday’s bingo night all does not go according to plan. It seems Arthur is not the only one playing a double role.

Double Dealing
The cast of Double Dealing, learning their lines

Cast & Crew

Arthur Muldoon & Archibald Mulhern played by Michael Sharp

Olivia Cromwell, Bernie and the senior undercover Garda performed by Mary McNamara

Taxi driver by Tom Blake

Nellie (receptionist) played by Niamh Murphy

John by Joe Murphy

Ellen by Carol Dempsey

Louise by Niamh Murphy

Voices in bingo hall played by
Rebecca Blomfield and Tom Blake

Garda by Declan Cahill

Written by Rose Byrne

Script advice by Lisa Tierney Keogh

Made with the support of the Broadcasting Authority of Ireland with the television licence fee.