Revisiting the Fourth Estate: does the media still serve democracy?

Revisiting the Fourth Estate: does the media still serve democracy? – A Radio Panel Discussion, broadcasting Tuesday May 4th at 2pmThis panel discussion explores whether, in a changing media landscape and deepening global

We need more women on air!

Are you a woman, interested in presenting on the airways? Have you ever listened to the radio and thought: ‘Why does no-one talk about….? Why are there not more women

Near FM delighted to partner in EU project

As part of the Erasmus+ European project Media Education Without Borders made up with partners in Germany, Spain and Hungary, Near Media Co-op developed an online training course for teachers/trainers

Xenia Pestova and Ed Bennett

The sixth and final programme in the current series, broadcasting Tuesday February 2nd at 2pm, features Xenia Pestova and Ed Bennett playing a programme of piano and electronic arrangements by

Christmas in Fingal

Broadcasting Wednesday December 30th from 11-1pm Near FM are delighted to broadcast a special Christmas programme this Wed Dec 30th at 11am along with partners in LMFM and Phoenix FM. 

COVID-19 effects on European wide initiatives

Broadcasting Wednesday Dec 23rd at 10am In this programme Sally Galiana talks to three experts about the impact Covid-19 has had/is having on the many EU partnership projects that take