Women’s Stories – ‘Late the wife of …’: Widows and the 1641 Depositions

Jane Ohlmeyer presenting as part of Women’s Stories series.

‘Late the wife of …’: Widows and the 1641 Depositions

A talk by Professor Jane Ohlmeyer, School of Histories and Humanities, as part of the Women’s Stories series, a collaboration between Near FM and the Trinity Long Room Hub.

Please note that this podcast will contain strong language referring to violence which some people may find disturbing.

This programme explores the stories of widows, especially those from the ‘middling sorts’, living in early seventeenth-century Ireland and looks at the roles they played – as participants, as survivors and as victims – in the wars of the 1640s.

Deposition quotes read by Mary McNamara

About the Series

Women’s Stories is a new radio series collaboration between Near FM and Trinity Long Room Hub. It featuring professors and researchers from Trinity’s Arts and Humanities talking about women throughout the centuries and challenging dominant narratives about women today.

From history to film, and music, the series features talks and discussions recorded in front of a live audience for broadcast and podcast to Near FM listeners.

Women’s Stories is supported by the Broadcasting Authority of Ireland and explores topics as diverse as the story of Giulia Farnese, an Italian born mistress to Pope Alexander VI, to widows in early 17th century Ireland and right through to present day stories from the front line of Irish women in music technology.