Women in Music Technology: Analog On


A panel discussion with Richard Duckworth (TCD), Shauna Caffrey (Analog On), and Lara Albergo (Analog On), as part of the Women’s Stories series, a collaboration between Near FM Community Radio and the Trinity Long Room Hub.

Three of the four Analog On members are women. The stories are their own, and best related in person—yet there are some general observations that hold true in the case of Analog On and, perhaps, in general when one is discussing the topic of women in music technology. The key accessibility factor is education—the opportunity to enter the electronic music world (as a subset of the music industry), is granted by courses that feature music technology components. This has led to a shift back to a more equal gender balance as employers and acts are more likely to hire on the basis of merit. One of our members has carried out research in this area, and it was found that some of the younger women interviewed had never experienced bias in the industry.

The programme includes performance, segments about historical women in electronic music and segments about the instruments used and the concepts behind electronic music, interspersed with contributions from the members of the band.

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Made with the support of the Broadcasting Authority of Ireland with the television licence fee.