Tony Monahan -The Radical Food Company

Tony Monahan – The Radical Food Company Mark Finnegan is joined in studio by Tony Monahan from The Radical Food Company.

Radical Oats was founded by Tony’s wife Miriam who didn’t like porridge, but knew the benefits of oats. So she developed a recipe using good old Irish oats and other natural Irish ingredients
that would keep hunger at bay for a very long time.

Long enough for the gang to do their studying, rowing, running, cycling, ballet, tin whistle, drama, sailing, hiking, swimming, hockey, kayaking, gymnastics, walk the dog and bicker without keeling over! It became known as ‘Radical’ in Miriam’s house because it turned porridge on its head and well, it made oats cool.
Radical Oats is an entirely new concept in the way oats are currently on offer. We’ve turned porridge on its head and made oats literally ‘cool’!
Find out more at The Radical Food Company website here.