TKO 90 – 12 Days Of Grapsmas

The Kick Out – Your Weekly Pro Wrestling Guide

Presented by Dave Cullen (@davebandana) and Daragh Maher (@MahersBar). On this week’s show recorded on 24th March 2018…

  • The latest news in the world of pro wrestling both here and abroad including Daniel Bryan being cleared to wrestle by WWE and Zack Sabre Jr winning the New Japan Cup.
  • Reviews and takeaways from all the past week’s action including OTT Contenders 7, WWE Raw, Smackdown Live, 205 Live, NXT and Mixed Match Challenge.
  • A chat with Daniel “Butch” Gannon about all things OTT including their Martina’s Gaff Party 3 and Defiant cards.
  • Previews of others upcoming events from Low Blows Wrestling Parties, Uprising Wrestling & Pro Wrestling Ulster.
  • Our Yes/No’s of the week such as if the American Badass Undertaker will return at Wrestlemania 34 and who will be the next NLW champion.

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