This Sporting Life Ep9 – Softball

This Sporting Life

This Sporting Life: The Story of Minority Sport in North Dublin

This Sporting Life is an upbeat and lively series of short documentaries which capture the excitement and dedication of minority sports people and encourages others to join in. Each programme serves as an introduction to a different minority sport practiced in Northside Dublin.

9. Softball

Softball is a unique and social sport for players of all ages, genders and abilities. It caters for every level and standard of player from those wanting a recreational knock around to those wishing to compete at the highest level of international competition. It challenges players to develop mental agility and concentration as well as physical skills. It has a strong social dimension due to its co-ed format, it attracts players form all walks of life, and it crosses social, national and ethnic boundaries. Edd Kealy and Mark Staunton went along to the national softball final held in ALSAA to find out about the sport and give it a try themselves. Featuring contributions from James O’Farrell, Brian Connolly, Frank Geoghan, Justin Spielberg and Fiona Lahanne.

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This series is made with the support of the Broadcasting Authority of Ireland’s Sound and Vision scheme.