This Sporting Life Ep4 – Tag Rugby

This Sporting Life


This Sporting Life: The Story of Minority Sport in North Dublin

This Sporting Life is an upbeat and lively series of short documentaries which capture the excitement and dedication of minority sports people and encourages others to join in. Each programme serves as an introduction to a different minority sport practiced in Northside Dublin.

4, Tag Rugby

Tag Rugby is a relatively new sport, it started in Australia and New Zealand as rugby players wanted to keep fit out of the league season. It migrated to Ireland around the year 2000 and with 30 teams taking part in the Suttonians Tag Summer League 2012 alone, it is safe to say that Tag Rugby is one of the fastest growing sports in Ireland today. This episode introduces the listener to Trinity Ruckers a new Tag Rugby team recently formed in Donaghmede. Find out how and why the Team was set up, what attracted some of its members to join and hear what advice CIE Lions founder Colm Neligan has to offer the Ruckers as they enter their first league.

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This series is made with the support of the Broadcasting Authority of Ireland’s Sound and Vision scheme.