This Sporting Life Ep 25 – Ten-Pin Bowling

This Sporting Life

This Sporting Life: The Story of Minority Sport in North Dublin

This Sporting Life is an upbeat and lively series of short documentaries which capture the excitement and dedication of minority sports people and encourages others to join in. Each programme serves as an introduction to a different minority sport practiced in Northside Dublin.

25. Ten-Pin Bowling

2013 marks the 50th anniversary of ten-pin bowling in Ireland and also the 30th anniversary of the ALSAA bowling alley. In Ireland bowling is still a minority sport but worldwide the game is hugely popular. The sport can be played by participants of all ages and Edd Kealy went along to ALSAA on a league bowling night to find out about the sport and to get an introductory lesson in ten-pin bowling. Featuring Paddy Kilduff, Del Delaney, Johnny Moran, Stefan Junge and Antoinette