This Sporting Life Ep 19 – Weight Lifting

This Sporting Life

This Sporting Life: The Story of Minority Sport in North Dublin

This Sporting Life is an upbeat and lively series of short documentaries which capture the excitement and dedication of minority sports people and encourages others to join in. Each programme serves as an introduction to a different minority sport practiced in Northside Dublin.

19. Weight Lifting

Hercules Gym is one of Ireland’s oldest weightlifting and fitness clubs in the country and was founded way back in 1935. Now located on Lurgan Street the club caters for many disciplines including bodybuilding, power-lifting and even wrestling.

We spoke to Jim Jennings a long-time member of the club and secretary of the Weightlifting Association of Ireland to find out about the clubs history and about the sport of weightlifting. Members of the club told us how they had gotten involved in the sport and what they love about weightlifting. We were also present as Bill Healy a long time veteran of the club attempted to break a world record!

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This series is made with the support of the Broadcasting Authority of Ireland’s Sound and Vision scheme.