The Road Less Travelled – Karim Al Abbasi


The Road Less Travelled is a new series from the Trinity Long Room Hub and Near FM. In this episode, Roja Fazaeli is an Assistant Professor in Islamic Civilisations at Trinity College Dublin talks to Karim Al Abbasi about his educational journey which took him from Syria to moving with his family to Ireland and studying in Trinity College. We also hear from Sarah Grimson, Karim’s course coordinator in the Trinity Access Programme (TAP).

About the Series

The Road Less Travelled is a series from the Trinity Long Room Hub and Near FM featuring current and past students from Trinity College Dublin who have taken the road less travelled to education. We meet men and women from all walks of life who have overcome social barriers and surpassed prejudice and discrimination—all for the opportunity to study at third level and in Trinity’s Arts and Humanities. In this series, we celebrate different experiences in education, meeting fascinating people with unique life stories.

The Road Less Travelled radio series is produced by Trinity Long Room Hub and Near FM with the support of the Broadcasting Authority of Ireland through the television licence fee. The Trinity Long Room Hub would like to thank Trinity’s Access Programme (TAP) for their assistance in relation to the series.