The Northside Partnership / Preparing for Life – Hands Up for Children Campaign

Mark Finnegan’ studio guests are Rosemary Gaffney, Principal @ St Josephs National School, Louise McGuirk from Doras Bui, and Noel Kelly from The Northside Partnership
The Northside Partnership / Preparing for Life are taking part in the national Hands Up For Children campaign. As part of this they organised a roundtable discussion on the importance of prevention and early intervention that was attended by local TDs, councillors, school principals, managers of early years settings and parents taking part in Preparing for Life’s Home Visiting programme. Hands Up for Children is a campaign calling for smart investment in our children to secure Ireland’s future – investing early instead of when it is too late and we are simply responding to crisis.
Noel, Louise and Rosemary join us direct from the discussion and bring us up to date with how the campaign is going .
You can read more about the “Hands up for Children” campaign HERE