The Mica Action Group respond to Government’s June 2022 redress package – Neasa Ní Chnáimhsí @ Near FM (15.6.22)

Darren J. Prior spoke to Neasa Ní Chnáimhsí from the Mica Action Group about the plans the Government signed off on in June 2022 to try to redress households effected by the Mica Scandal and Neasa told Darren what she and the thousands of other people and families effected by Mica believe is really needed to get on top of the situation from both a Donegal and state point of view.

Tosaíonn an t-agallamh Gaeilge le Neasa @ 12.40 nóim.


Near FM, 15 June / Meitheamh 2022.