The Hugh Lane Concert series – The Fews Ensemble


Welcome to episode 27 in the Hugh Lane concert series. This 90 minute programme features an exhilarating performance by Newry Chamber Music group, The Fews Ensemble, as they reimagine Mendelssohn by performing the original Octet in E-flat major in it’s entirety for the first time in Ireland. The original octet was written when Mendelssohn was only 16!  The performance also features works by Northern Irish composers Amy Rooney and Brian Connor. The concert programme is interspersed with an insightful interview with virtuosic musicians Joanne Quigley-McParland (violin) and Jonathan Aasgaard (cello).

Series producer is Dorothee Meyer Holtkamp. The concert was recorded by Gay Graham and Paul Loughran. Interviews recorded by Paul Loughran. Concert and programme mixed by Paul Loughran. Technical support Adriano Puppo and Gary Kirwan. Interviews by Mary Barnecutt, and audience reactions by Dara O’Leary. Thanks to all in the Hugh Lane gallery, Dublin. Images courtesy of Emmet White.

Made with the support of the Broadcasting Authority of Ireland Sound and Vision scheme through the Television License Fee.