The Hugh Lane Concert series – As the quiet crow flies

crOw and The Quiet club

The Hugh Lane Concert series continues with a performance entitled As the quiet crow flies. In this programme we hear a ground breaking and completely improvised performance by sound art practitioners, composers and musicians Danny McCarthy and Mick O’Shea (The Quiet Club) and  Ian Wilson and Cathal Roche (cRow). As well as the performance we will have the opportunity to hear the musicians talk about the art of improvisation, unusual instruments and sound devices and their collective backgrounds. We also have audience anticipations and reactions to the performance.

About the series

The Hugh Lane Concert series showcases contemporary, traditional, classical and jazz music concerts recorded at Dublin City Gallery The Hugh Lane, as part of the Sundays @ Noon concerts. This radio series captures the best in Irish and international based composers and musicians performing in front of a live audience.

As well as the performances, Near FM have recorded in-depth interviews with the musicians, and reactions from members of the public.

Made with the support of the Broadcasting Authority of Ireland with the television licence fee.


Produced & edited by Paul Loughran. Interviews and presented by Ken Tuohy. Production support and voxpops by Dorothee Meyer Holtkamp. Production support by Gary Kirwin. This concert performance was recorded by Darby O’Carroll.