The Harkangels – Part 2

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The Hark Angels celebrates the contribution made to aviation in Ireland by female pilots and the evolution of commercial female pilots from the 1970’s up to the present day. In this 2 part radio series we’ll meet Grainne Cronin, Maria Hetherington and Susan Kavanagh, of whom former President Mary Mc Aleese said the “three women had a distinguished place in the still young annals of aviation in Ireland

Together Grainne, Maria and Susan blazed a trail for females taking up positions that were traditionally & exclusively male. We’ll meet many other women who followed in their footsteps and now work in the air and on the ground in the busy and stressful environment of aviation. Work life balance, sexual discrimination and the thrill of flying a plane, The Hark Angels is a fascinating insight into aviation and in particular female commercial pilots.

In programme 2, we hear from many of the women who were inspired by the original Harkangels. Janet Weafer, Pauline McGowan and Mary Gamble share their experiences of being in the air and on the ground, within the aviation industry.

Series produced by Ray Kennedy & Dave O’Connor.

Made with the assistance of the Broadcasting Authority of Ireland Sound & Vision scheme

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