The Brief Gideon’s Promise Thursday 21st March

Presented by Barristers Andrew Robinson and Peter Leonard.

The Presenters look at this week’s legal headlines, including:
Omagh bombing decision.
Reform of the Courts
Guantanemo Bay hunger strike
Slavery abolished in Missippi
Brian Rattigan and more.

Steven Hanlon Adjunct Professor of Law, Georgetown University on Gideon v Wainright and the right to Counsel.

Solicitor and partner in KOD Lyons, Aine Flynn on legal aid and the right of legal representation.

Mary Hough, solicitor and partner in Hayes Solicitors on damages.

Author and Barrister, Stephen Dowling on the Commercial Court.

Barrister Maeve Cox reviews Dr. Liz Campbell’s latest book ‘Organised Crime and the Law’.

Andrew and Peter Review Roundhall publications:

‘The Trade Union and Industrial Relations Acts 4th Edition’ by Anthony Kerr.
‘The Commercial Court 2nd Edition’ by Stephen Dowling.
‘NAMA: The Law Relating to the National Asset Management Agency’ by Stephen Dodd and Cian Carroll.