The Brief 13th June 2013

Presenters Andrew and Peter discuss the week’s legal news from the Protection of Life During Pregnancy Bill to smelly jurors.

Dr Mary Rogan commented on the effects of incarceration on the families of prisoners.
Ellen O’Mahoney-Dunlop commented on the effect of suspended and postponed sentences on the victims or rapists.

Andrew spoke to US Federal Judge Richard Kopf about the risk of judges becoming desensitised to the effects of long sentences.

Peter spoke to Seth Tillman of NUIM about public access to court documents after AIB v Tracey.
Mark Tottenham BL of was in the studio to discuss a selection of judgments by the superior courts.

Mark Daly of the University of Montreal spoke about recent Canadian legislation which allows for access to assisted suicide.

Presented by barristers Andrew Robinson and Peter Leonard.
Produced by Killian Donoghue and Andrew Robinson.
Sound, recording and engineering by Aoife Nic Canna.