The Arts Show: Maura Walsh chats to Director Niall Henry, ahead of the play Shackleton which is running at The Project Arts Centre from 26th February – 10th March


The tale of Irish explorer, Ernest Shackleton’s escape from the Antarctic. Blue Raincoat Theatre Company’s acclaimed original play is a story of endurance. It’s an atmospheric visual feast told by a talented ensemble cast, complemented by original footage and scaled miniatures. Shackleton won Best Set Design and was also nominated in the Best New Play and Best Sound Design categories. 

Niall describes how he brought this dramatic event in history to life.  He chats about Sir Ernest Shackleton, the explorer, the man, and his short life. We are taken on an epic journey which began in Co. Kildare, an ambitious race to the south pole outlining the expeditions, knighthood, survival and ultimately to his untimely death.

“Men wanted for hazardous journey. Low wages, bitter cold . . . safe return doubtful.”