The Arts Show: Alan James Burns, Virtual Reality and Psycho-Acoustic Installation

Maura Walsh chats to visionary artist, Alan James Burns ahead of his Virtual Reality and Psycho-Acoustic Installation in the historic Carnegie Library, Swords, 12 Nov – 15 Dec

Alan James is concerned with the experience of consciousness and how multimedia technology can be used to further our understanding of the inner psychological experience. 

We chat about his creation, ‘Silicon Synapse’, the installation, the title, the site-specificity for this solo sensory artwork, collaborators, his career, other projects, as well as transhumanism, technology, sustainability, climate crisis, mental health, human behaviour, experience generation, Swords Cultural Quarter, Joint Research Centre and the European Commission.

‘Technology’ and its life partner ‘Nature’ argue about the sustainability of their relationship and their future as a couple.   

 The transhuman, dream-like conscious realm engulfs the viewer as they travel through intense audio and visual experiences into the personified, the inner dialogue of the conscious mind of ‘Technology’  as it ruminates over both sides of a lovers’ quarrel.