The Arts Show: Abie Philbin Bowman chats about Eurotrashed, a panel event at Festival of Politics

Reporter for RTÉ Radio 1 by day and comedian by night, Abie Philbin Bowman joined Norma Burke on Near FM to talk about the Festival of Politics and the panel event Eurotrashed, the state of the European Project which he is chairing at Tailors’ Hall on Saturday 17th November at 5PM.

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More about the event below…

What has become of the European dream? With the rise of populism across the continent and the looming dread of Brexit, Abie Philbin Bowman & special guests ponder the question – what’s next for Europe?

From resistance fighters to lawyers, the Founding Fathers were a diverse group of people with a shared vision: a peaceful, united and prosperous Europe. From Schuman, Spaak, and Adeneaur to Bojo, Le Penn, Orban and Farage. Has the dream begun to tilt toward nightmare? With the contagion of populism and national chauvanism spreading across the continent, can the centre possibly hold? A critical miscalculation by the Tories has already resulted in the tortuous withdrawal of the UK from Europe and represents an existential threat to Ireland. Trump threatens trade war while Putin presses up against our Eastern borders. Join Abie Philbin Bowman as he tries to offer some context. Joining Abie is Ray Bassett, a career diplomat who spent his last six years as Irish Ambassador to Canada, Jamaica and the Bahamas. He is now a leading proponent of the Irexit party seeking freedom from the EU. Opposing views will be provided by award-winning stand-up comedian, comedy writer and political podcaster, Grainne Maguire. Also joining the fray is Madeleina Kay (AKA EU Supergirl) an artist, writer, musician and social activist from Sheffield. A passionate Remainer, she campaigns to support issues including; refugees, LGBTQ+ rights, gender equality, Veganism and animal rights. In 2018  Kay was awarded with the Young European of the Year Award, a title awarded by the European Parliament and the Schwarzkopf Foundation honouring her for her “pro-European efforts in the UK & beyond”. Completing the panel is Mark Reckless, an English politician and Member of the National Assembly for Wales. Having been elected a member of the Assembly representing UKIP in 2016, he renounced his UKIP membership in April 2017 and joined the Conservative group in the Welsh Assembly. Expect more fireworks than Guy Fawkes.