‘Talkin’ About Neurodegeneration’ – Presented by Karen Meenan 24 – 05 – 2021

Professor Ian McKeith from Newcastle is the world’s leading expert on Lewy Body Disease and has been working in this field for over thirty years.  He is joined by Kevin Quaid who is living with Lewy Body Disease and his wife Helena Quaid who is also his spousal carer.  Kevin and Helena describe what life with Lewy is really like.  Our fourth guest, filmmaker, Tylor Norwood joins Karen Meenan on zoom from San Francisco to talk about the film ‘Robin’s Wish’ which he wrote and directed.  This film is available online and tells the story of Robin Williams who had Lewy Body Disease but was only diagnosed after his death in 2014.  Music by Donovan, Flanders and Swann, Louis Armstrong and Crosby Stills and Nash.  Three brand new poems by Kevin, Helena and Tylor are shared in this unique programme about Lewy Body Disease.