St. David’s 18 June 2014

Listen back to the Outside Broadcast coming live from St David’s BNS, June 18th 2014 in Artane. Noel McGuinness is speaking to Declan Cahill and two participants of ‘Bookworms, a six part radio series supported under the S&V Fund which had been recorded in the school library; Terry Eviston, English Coordinator and Vice Principal of St Davids BNS to talk about initiatives to improve English; two boys of the 6th class to talk about the ‘Fighting Words Project’; with the teachers Una Minougue and Shane Ryan who took part in the training ‘Networds’ run by NEARfm Networks to learn how to use radio in the class room; two boys reading out their own composed stories; two parents to talk about the ‘Story Time project’; three boys of the Infants talking about the favourite short story; Dwain Moore, Principal of St Davids BNS as well as a couple of students playing and singing songs with the guitars.