“Shirley – Visions Of Reality” Film – Artist/Director Gustav Deutsch

In this interview Eoin Drinan talks with Writer/Director Gustav Deutsch about his latest film “Shirley – Visions of Reality”.

Based on 15 of Edward Hopper’s paintings,Gustav discusses the process of bringing such well loved paintings to life on the big screen.

Shirley played by Canadian-born dancer and choreographer Stephanie Cumming, brings to new life  Edward Hoppers paintings in a original and unique performance.
Gustav talks about the challenges of capturing the story of Shirleys thoughts and emotions in 1930s, 40s, 50s,and early 60s of American history by selecting “Edward Hopper’s picturesque oeuvre, which on the one hand was influenced by film noir – in his choice of lighting, subject and framing as seen in paintings such as Night Windows (1938), Office at Night (1940), Room in New York (1932) and his direct references to cinema such as in New York Movie (1939) and Intermission (1963) “.
For further information www.gustavdeutsch.net

Presented & Produced by Eoin Drinan.

(First Broadcast –17th October 2013).