Rivitin’ History episode 10


Audio Dramedy  series “Rivitin’ History” by Pat Meehan returns to Near FM.

On receiving information from Luain O Leary, Marion and TCP make their way to Rush, County Dublin, where they’re duped into entering a derelict Martello tower, and barely escape with their lives. Later, TCP tells Marion of the strange cries and chants he hears at night coming from the basement of his home, and when his mother says that she gave the key to ‘’Harry’’ the ratcatcher, he and Marion freeze in horror. The performance on the Hill of Uisneach predictably ends in mayhem.

Directed by Declan Cahill. Sound by Gavin Byrne.



Marion – Mary McNamara

Luain – Carol Dempsey

TCP – Tom Blake

Chill – Ian Shipley

Iris – Mary Neylon

TCP’s mother – Niamh Murphy

Henri – Michael Sharp

Dzebra – Declan Cahill

Paidi- Ian Shipley

Petra – Rebecca Blomfield

Cuchulainn – Mary Neylon

Announcer – Rebecca Blomfield

Garda – Michael Sharp

Dinah – Carol Dempsey

Duck de Bullets – Declan Cahill

Made with the support of the Broadcasting Authority of Ireland Sound and Vision scheme.