Reggae Richie meets Eek a Mouse

From Richie:
“Eek A Mouse came to fame in the early 80,s when he linked up the great reggae producer Henry Junjo Lawes , were he scored huge hits like virgin girl, WA do Dem and Ganja Smuggling to name but a few . he also stared in New Jack City were he played a drug dealing Rastafarian called fat Smitty , who comes to a shockingly grisly end . well myself been a huge fan of Eek A Mouse had great pleasure of meeting him a few years back when he played Dublin city to a sell out crowd , as you you will hear in the interview he was a really cool guy to talk to and i had great craic with him doing the interview were he sing acappela style of a few of his early hits . Hope you  enjoy this very enteraining interview with Reggae legend Eek A Mouse and you can also check out my programe Reggae Beats on near fm every sat from 6 till 7 p.m. for the latest and greatest in Reggae music . Bless up .”