Reading Together Part 8

On this programme we’ll listen to the two James Joyce’s Dubliner’s stories that were adapted and dramatised by the near drama group, Ivy Daz in the Committee Room and A Painful Case. But before we start we’ll listen to Jack Byrne, who adapted the two stories to drama.

Ivy Day in the Committee Room directed by Declan Cahill. The cast:

Jack                   Con Scully

Mr. O’connor     Pat Monaghan

Mr. Hynes         John O’Connor

Bar Boy              David Whelan

Fr. Keone           Declan Cahill

Mr. Crofton       John Barrett


The two parts in ‘A Painful Case’ were performed by Ann Loughney (Mrs. Sinico) and Peter Prior (Mr. Duffy) and it was directed by Jack Byrne.