Raised on Songs and Stories – Part 2

Raised on Songs and Stories is a radio series which offers citizens of Northside Dublin the opportunity to tell stories, sing old Dublin songs and recite poetry. Dublin people from both the county and the city not only speak about their life experiences, but they recite songs and poems handed down to them from their older friends and relations. Producer Gerry Cooley gathered these stories and songs by recording on location and in studio he then put them together and broadcast them. Not only did this give the contributors a sense that their stories are important and worthwhile, but it also left a priceless archive for future generations. On other levels it provides a strong entertainment element to listeners who could identify with what they were hearing on Nearfm thus creating a two way experience and also creating a sense of community among listeners and the contributors.

Producer – Gerry Cooley


Austy Wearon/School Story ………..………….Ellenfield.
Austy Wearon/Easy and Slow(Song)………..Gerry Cooley.
John Moreland/Irish Yeast Co.….…………College Street.
Rosie McCormack/My Dublin Bay(song)…Santry Village
Maureen Buckley/North Strand bombing…..Synott Street.