Racism is Real in Ireland, Podcast Series

Mary Oyediran talks to Noel McGuinness about the podcast series Racism is Real in Ireland which is researched and presented by her. They are joined by Lassane Ouedraogo, Chairperson of the Africa Solidarity Centre Ireland who is one of the interviewees in Programme 1. Racism is Real in Ireland is a series of 6 podcasts that examines the effect of racism on African migrants in Ireland. There are six topics for discussion including integration, education, employment, diversity, hate speech/hate crime and multiculturalism. African migrants are given a unique platform to share their personal experiences without restriction or fear of reprisals. These podcasts support the ongoing campaign and petitions to establish Hate Crime Law in Ireland, the only country in Europe without this law. The series launches on NearCast on Friday 31st January 31st 2020 (www.nearcast.ie) and will be available on Google podcasts, Apple podcast and Spotify as well as many other platforms.

Broadcast: 31/01/2020