Project Equality

Produced by people living in direct provision, Project Equality looks into what Equality means for people living under Direct Provision around the country.

Direct Provision system was introduced and implemented in the year 2000 to provide a short term accommodation, food and living services to the refugees and asylum seekers but later on the system extended ‘technically’ to the unlimited period that today after 18 years, we can see that people are living in the DP centres for years and years.

In this programme we will be listening the voice of Malik Amir, an asylum seeker living in Direct provision. Also, we will hear from Peter Masterson, who works with Longford Volunteer Centre. Also, Lucky Khambule will let us know about the work of MASI, the Movement of Asylum Seekers in Ireland on behalf of those going through the asylum process., and Caroline Reid, communications officer with the Irish Refugee Council.

Finally, Aodhan O’Riordan, Labour Party Senator and former Minister of State with responsibility for New Communities, Culture and Equality and Ciaran Murray, Coordinator of Near Media, discuss direct provision and initiatives to facilitate the integration of asylum seekers in Ireland.

This programme was produced by Rosine Meheguep Noufeme, Malik Amir, Abdul Wahab Khan and Waheed Mohiuddin and it was co-financed by CFI through CRAOL.