Port Out Starboard Home – part 2


Port Out Starboard Home (P.O.S.H) is a new 4 part documentary series which looks at the lives of the people who work in, and live around Dublin Port. It gives an in-sight into a major Irish transport hub and explores the social commitment of the Dublin Port Company and its service users by focusing on the interaction of these corporate bodies with the wider Dockland’s community. Historical, architectural, bio-diversity, heritage and cultural aspects of life in and around the Port area will also be discussed.  With contributions from local historians, local people living in the area, community activists,  school children and business owners, tune in to be entertained and educated by a glimpse into everyday life of this major resource in the heart of the country’s capital.

Part 2

This episode starts again with the voices of primary school children from Ringsend describing in their unique way what the port means to them.

In this the decade of commemoration we talk to historian Jeff Leddin on the role the Docklands played not only during Easter 1916 but also during the war for independence.

Pat Ward and John Fairley are executives with the Dublin Port Company and in this episode the talk on issues ranging from corporate social policy to policing the port area.

Tosh Lavery is a retired garda sergeant with the Garda Water Unit and in this episode gives an unique perspective into the grimmer side of activities in the Docklands.

Finally in this episode we listen to the voices of people living and working in the Docklands area as they are asked, “what’s it like to live and work here.”


Produced by Ger Leddin with additional recording and editing done by Alan Weldon, and voxpops by Una Eskelinen and Antonio Espinola Coll.

Series made with the support of the Broadcasting Authority of Ireland