Peace talks without end or conflict without end ? – Part 2

After 20 years of failed peace talks in the Middle East, the US is brokering a fresh round of talks between Israelis and Palestinians with hopes for a final peace agreement. Are we finally going to experience that long awaited goal of a peace deal ? Are leaders on both sides ready for painful compromises ? Or are we seeing more of same; talks doomed to collapse with each side blaming each other ?


In a conflict that tends to polarize opinions, is any one side to blame ? Is an Obama regime the best hope for peace, or is the US not genuine in playing the role of honest broker ? Some argue that the Israelis doom talks to failure by continuing to build settlements while at the negotiating table. Others argue that the Palestinians are their own worst enemies and walk away from generous offers and is Hamas the elephant in the room ?


A talk organised by Comhlamh , Februrary 5th 2014

The members of the panel were:

Caoimhe de Barra : Director of Trocaire’s International Division.

Yanky Fachler : Chair of the Jewish Historical Society of Ireland.

Rachel O’Hanlon : EAPPI

Joanna Tuffy TD for Dublin Mid-West

The talk was moderated by Shona Murray