Oldfilibuster’s Rhyme & Reason – E10 – Itchy Feet

Itchy Feet

There is no doubting that Ireland was overrun by two gangs of ‘gurriers’; the Vikings, starting in 795, and the Normans in 1169. While one gang faded into the fabric of Irish society rather than conquering us, the other gang ignited our roughly 800-year-history with that larger island to our east. You could forgive our forebears for not seeing the Vikings coming, but how did the Normans take us by surprise?

Music credits

Four Green Fields – Album: The Clancy Brothers with Tommy Mackem: Luck of the Irish

The Roman music track is called “Ludi” and played by Musica Romana on their Pugnate album. Musica Romana is a music ensemble who specialise in recreating Ancient Roman music.

Brian Ború’s March from the Album “The Chieftains 2” [1969]

Music the Normans may have listened to – Ensemble: Les Musiciens de Provence Album: L’Art du Psalterion http://www.facebook.com/musicamedievale

Track 14 Tielman Susato – Allemande Harp – Les Musiciens De Provence Psaltery – Maurice Guis Timbales – Les Musiciens De Provence

Viking Music – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=e89hnwHaWUc

Produced and presented by Bernie Dwan