Oldfilibuster’s Rhyme & Reason – E01 – The Early Years

Oldfilibuster’s Rhyme & Reason

We can’t separate literature and music from history; they go hand in hand. History is memoir, history records the mistakes. History is in our back yards, our photo albums, and our personal memories. Some say that the victors write history, and that may be true in some cases. But literature and song rarely hide from the real-life events, describing the glory and the gory with equal honesty. Oldfilibuster takes a wide sweep from the local to the global, from the whimsical to the gravely solemn. This necessarily means that some podcasts will be light, and some will be more serious and weightier. Notwithstanding, Oldfilibuster’s Rhyme & Reason is mainly about the past, helped along by poetry and music.

Episode 1

Childhood in the 1960s and 1970s was a quaint and interesting affair, more muted than technicolour, more considered than rushed. School was scary; books, the wireless and two-channel telly were our social media. Dogs roamed free on the streets. Sure it was grand, though…