Northside Today, Noel Mc Guinness Talks to Ronan Farren, Communications Director of Coca-Cola about the Coca-Cola Thank You Fund.

Noel Mc Guinness talks to Ronan Farren, Communications Director of Coca-Cola, about the ‘Coca-Cola Thank You Fund’, which funds projects that inspire and support young people across Ireland and Northern Ireland. He reminds  community groups to submit their applications before July the 13th 2018. Applications are encouraged for new projects and activities which fall under one or more of the following themes:

Bridging the divide between education and the workplace; Fostering diversity and inclusion in youth communities; Empowering young people to become leaders of the future; Youth taking an innovative approach to sustainability in local communities.

Presenter: Noel Mc Guinness.

Interviewee: Ronan Farren.