In this interview Eoin Drinan talks with Aviva Cohen CEO of

Aviva tells us how life changing Neuro Hero has become in providing practical support for people living with communication difficulties that often follow stroke, brain injury and a range of other conditions.

Following Avivas husband Steve stroke in 2006, Aviva discusses how the creation of Neuro Hero emerged and how the development of Neuro Hero has assisted in the positive enhancement to the lives of people living with chronic illness.

In a honest account Aviva describes the isolation Steve had been experiencing inc the social isolation which is a common problem for people living with communication difficulties and their families.And,how their quality of life has been greatly increased.

Aviva Cohens story is one of positivity and inspiration as well as providing hope through education,technology and determination.

Neuro Hero offers home based rehabilitation trough a range of affordable apps and videos.

All Neuro Hero apps and videos are developed by qualified speech and language therapists.

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Presented & Produced by Eoin Drinan.

(First Broadcast – 31st October 2013).