NearBy Business 6th May 2021

To begin with Declan and Dave will discuss some of the todays business headlines……

In the business of this week…its the business of fun…..this week Dave is going to look back on the visit he made to see Sharon Farrell in Fun Galaxy in Ashbourne in 2018…so much has changed since then but hopefully now we are on the road back to some type of normal……

In our weekly radio Column this week Jenny Tyrell takes a look at the Minimum Unit Pricing on Alcohol legislation that government signalled this week they will soon enact…

Have you ever heard of Legionnairs Disease?…well its something you should know about particularly now as we reopen offices/hotels and the economy….Dave explains more and give you some tips on how to avoid it….

Finally David Bell from the HR Department is here for our regular look at HR issues. This week…an interesting question…..Can the office ever recover and do we want it to?

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