NearBy Business: 24-05-2018

Near FM’s new weekly business show “NearBy Business” is presented by Declan Ralph and Dave Daly. We start the show with a look at some business stories from the news this week with a focus on what affects us in North east Dublin.

Then a special feature length interview with Shane Cradock. Shane helps transforms businesses, and helps them to create a vision that they are proud of, but also gives executives the tools to find the balance between work and personal life.

David Bell from the HR Department will be here after that for his regular look at HR issues. As we are getting close to that time of year most of us take our summer holidays i thought it would be useful to look at employee entitlements when it comes to Annual Leave.

Finally, then the day has arrived yes it’s the 25th of May it’s GDPR day and the new regulations around the holding of personal data comes into effect….so a final look at how you need to prepared for the new GDPR world.

If you would like to get involved in the discussion or comment on any of the stories, we are on Twitter……@NearBy_Business