NearBy Business 21st October 2021

To begin with Declan and Dave discuss some of the todays business headlines……

In the business of this week… Dave went out and about earlier in the week for the first time in a long time and visited Roger Da Silva from Pinto Wines in Drumcondra to hear all about his new local business..

In our weekly radio Column this week Jenny Tyrell educates us all about the Metaverse…..

After that…Declan and Dave will also discuss in a bit more detail the achievement by the credit unions of providing the best customer experience for 7 years in a row…and we all love our donuts as Kripy Kremes turnover head for 100,000 euro per week!

Finally, David Bell from the HR Department is here for our regular look at HR issues….. This week we chat about mental health in the workplace…. 

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