NearBy Business 20th May 2021 (Full Show)

To begin with The NearBy Business Newsdesk with Declan and Dave where we will discuss some of the todays business headlines……

In the business of this week…its the business of Cyber Security…over the last week we’ve all heard a lot about this topic given what’s been happening to the HSE and the Department of Health..Cyber Security is something we have spoken about a number of times on the programme and each time we cover it we talk to Paul C Dwyer, CEO of Cyber Risk International..

In our weekly radio Column this week Jenny Tyrell takes a look at where we are in relation to Brexit, the Northern Ireland protocol and also an interesting Brexit Impact Loan Scheme that’s available to businesses….

during the 1970’s the rag trade was a powerhouse industry but unfortunately that is sadly no longer the case and its no longer part of the business landscape… 

Finally David Bell from the HR Department is here for our regular look at HR issues. This week…as we begin to come out of lockdown and move from Spring to Summer a look at ways in which we can improve and maximise both your business and your employees performance…

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