NearBy Business 1st April 2021

To begin with The NearBy Business Newsdesk with Declan and Dave where we will discuss some of the todays business headlines……

In the business of this week…a look back at another business that we have visited in the past…this week its the business of Coffee and we look back to last autumn when Dave visited the new Bua Cafe located in the grounds of Home Farm

In our weekly radio Column this week Jenny Tyrell looks at the fantastic global business built by 2 lads form Limerick…the Collison brothers and the amazing business that is Stripe

Conor Philips returns to reflect on Whats it all about from a business point of view and making sure you have no regrets in making your business decisions….

After that a nostalgic look back by Dave at the rag trade in Ireland during the 1970’s. It was once a powerhouse industry that is sadly no longer part of the business landscape…

David Bell from the HR Department is here then for our regular look at HR issues. This week…. Declan will chat to him about how to deal with problematic employees that are working remotely

Finally Dave Daly is back to finish up the show with a little motivation from some well known entrepreneurs……

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