Near By Business: 25th January 2018

Near FM’s new weekly business show “NearBy Business” is presented by Declan Ralph and Dave Daly.

 We start the show with a look at some business stories from the news this week with a focus on what affects us in North East Dublin.

 This week in the Business of………..section…. it’s the business of men’s formal wear …….Declan Mahon from Collar and Cuff on Harts Corner in Glasnevin chats with Dave.

 Local entrepreneur Brian Greene joins us again for his regular contribution. This week he’s been out and about finding out more about some local businesses in Bayside and Clontarf.

 After that David Bell from the HR Department with his regular look at HR issues from the employer’s point of view. This week the chat with David will look at a question we got from a local employer about absenteeism.… fact, if you have a question you would like me to put to David over the next few weeks please get in touch.

Finally, the Irish Charity Shops Association is the umbrella group for charities who operate shops to fundraise for their causes and the it’s funded exclusively by their charity members. Their members range from large national charities to local, community based charities and the 42 members operate over 400 shops nationwide. Paul Hughes from the ICSA talked with Declan about the charity business…