Migrant Radio – Prog 3

Migrant Radio has been produced by a group of enthusiastic trainees from ten different countries and covers a diverse range of topics, from cultural diversity to health, technology, migration, direct provision and many others. Hear interesting interviews, vox pops, round tables and all that while enjoying a variety of musics from around the world.

Programme 3 – Human, Health and Technology

Production team – Marycel Erazo, Watson Hunduza and Akeem Rahaman

The programme is titled HUMAN, HEALTH and TECHNOLOGY. These are based on three researches and deliveries by the three participant in this group.  Akeem Rahaman, did the section on TECHNOLOGY product review of a PODCASTING facilitating app called ANCHOR. Marycel Erazo, courageously interviewed her son Carlos Riobueno on his health condition  under the health section. Watson Hunduza took charge of the section on Human experiences, with a live lecture on the inspirational life of Malala Yousafzai


This training and production initiative is supported by the ESB: Energy for Generations Fund.