Migrant Radio – Prog 2

Migrant Radio has been produced by a group of enthusiastic trainees from ten different countries and covers a diverse range of topics, from cultural diversity to health, technology, migration, direct provision and many others. Hear interesting interviews, vox pops, round tables and all that while enjoying a variety of musics from around the world.

Programme 2 – The Strangers Show 

Production team – Saeid Khosroabadi, Carmen Fernandes, Rana Fahad Ali and Iback Precious Lidamiendo

The Strangers Show is about diversity, we have music from 4 different countries, Pakistan, Malawi, Iran and Spain, we interview foreigners who currently live in Ireland and we have some cultural discussions so get ready for a fun, interesting and multicultural program.

This training and production initiative is supported by the ESB: Energy for Generations Fund.