Migrant Radio – prog 1


Migrant Radio has been produced by a group of enthusiastic trainees from ten different countries and covers a diverse range of topics, from cultural diversity to health, technology, migration, direct provision and many others. Hear interesting interviews, vox pops, round tables and all that while enjoying a variety of musics from around the world.

Programme 1 – New Life

Production team – Sadeq Altemim, Kennedy Onu and Zaynab Salman

New Life is a program about refugees; it discusses several issues related to people  seeking asylum and refugee status in Ireland. We look at their integration and cultural singularities.  Their new lives here in Ireland, how do they feel about it? How do they cope with living in direct provisions? Who helps them and how? How do they practice their religion? The answers of all these questions have been revealed in New Life.  Using different types of program’s characteristics such as interviews and  vox pop.

This training and production initiative is supported by the ESB: Energy for Generations Fund.