Media education without borders – The Near Media Co-op in 2021 (EN/GA)

Darren J. Prior spoke to Elaine King and Ciarán Murray from the Near Media Co-op about a new online course the Near Media Co-op is involved with along with several other partners in Europe and which is funded by the EU’s Erasmus. There are six modules in the course and the full course takes seven hours to complete, but students are not obliged to study the whole course and can choose what modules they would like to study in their own time. The course is open to everyone but is mainly targeted at teachers who would like to increase their knowledge of the media. Tosaíonn an t-agallamh Gaeilge le Ciarán Ó Muirí ag 15.50 nóim.


Near FM 27 Eanáir / January 2021.