Mairie Creegan from Feilecain

Mairie Creegan from Feilecain talks to Noel McGuinness about Feilecain, they are a support group for parents whose children have died during or soon after pregnancy. Mairie tells Noel how,through her own bereavement, she found there were few or no support services for her or others in her position. Feileacain was formed in 2010 to fill the need for such services. They are unfunded and completely voluntary but continue to help many many families around the country. Noel and Mairie were also joined on the phone by Anthony Owens. Anthony and his wife Clare lost there son Arthur at birth and he tells Noel how the service has been a great help to them.
You can get more information on Feileacain by contacting or calling them on 085 249 6464.