Mad Scientists of Music Part 2

‘Growing Up Digital’

Episode two explores the videogame backgrounds of a variety of Irish experimental musicians – how video game culture and ready access to technology influenced their love of music and their aesthetic sensibilities. Chiptune music in particular reappropriates not only the machinery, but also the distinctive sounds of computer games of the 1980’s, and this helps to define its unique aesthetic. Kieran Dold (Karakara) discusses the aesthetic appeal of retro videogame music. Niamh Houston (Chipzel) explains how ‘home brew’ software like LSDJ, allows her to make music from classic Game Boy portable gaming consoles. Niamh talks about completing the loop – working with BAFTA award winning video game designer Terry Cavanagh to create retro video game inspired music for contemporary ‘indie’ computer games like Super Hexagon.

Interviewees: Kieran Dold, Niamh Houston.

Featured Artists

Chipzel – Knuckle Joe
ZPG – Malware Brigade
ZPG – Xai Unbound
Chipzel – Super Hexagon Soundtrack and Super Hexagon play through (courtesy of Terry Cavannah)
Menacing Wonders – Chipzel (feat Manami Matsumae)
Super Gammy Boy – Microsoft Excel Swag
Super Gammy Boy – I’d Have That Many Followers Too If I Dressed Like a Whore
Bitwise Operator – Hows That