Mad Scientists of Music Part 1

Mad Scientists of Music
A new 6 part series, produced by Gareth Stack, about experimental music in Ireland, entitled ‘Mad Scientists of Music’. It covers everything from bedroom tinkering with Fruity Loops to technically and aesthetically sophisticated electronic ‘noise’ to Harry Partch style microtonal music.

Episode 1 ‘Learning How to Listen‘, will take you on a tour of educational music projects. Starting at a circuit bending workshop in the Northside Shopping Centre, we stop by Roger Gregg’s eclectic home studio, before calling in on an instrument building workshop led by Ed Devane. We finish up with a visit to noise duo Deathness Injection’s incredible Culture Night mass collaboration, where hundreds of visitors to Exchange Dublin experienced the thrill of performing together.

This series is made with the support of the Broadcasting Authority of Ireland Sound & Vision scheme.